Natalia is best known for her powerful use of color in deeply layered intuitive paintings which bubble up from years of life experience.  Her instinct of where to go with it and when to stop is informed by her spiritually - a regular practice of mindfulness, yoga and meditation, as well as creating art itself. Her fearless creativity is not initially concerned with results, and so is allowed to develop freely. This offers the viewer an invitation to an immediate sense of freedom, possibility, and wonder. Her process affords a playful back-and-forth over several days and sometimes weeks or months, forging a deep trust in the communion created while she works. She enjoys using acrylics and at times mixing it with other mediums from colored pencil and ink to paper and spray paint on canvas or board. Please consider joining Natalia in community on the journey - either in person in the Berkshires of Western Massachusetts, at an artist retreat in need of a facilitator, or virtually on Facebook and Instagram.

An intuitive painting done by Natalia in first grade.